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Posted 3 months ago

AiXPRT is a world-leading risk, compliance and automated audit artificial intelligence company. Our team members have been at the forefront of AI since 2016 and we have been working with many of the leading international tier-1 Banks and consulting companies to develop automated compliance and risk solutions.

We are looking for an experienced AI Computer Vision Developer with knowledge, skills and experience in the area of Computer Vision and Machine Learning to be part of our R&D team.  

Job Responsibilities:

  • Carrying out research to find algorithms that can solve problem with optimal accuracy 
  • Implementing novel algorithms and state-of-the-art methods for different computer vision problems like Object Detection, OCR (optical character recognition), etc. 
  • Put Machine Learning / Deep Learning algorithms into practice 
  • Design, develop, implement, validate, deploy and maintain complex models using advanced machine learning and deep learning techniques. 
  • Building efficient and optimized systems to parallelize operations (e.g. through GPUs) for quick response times 
  • Collaborate with people from different backgrounds to formulate innovative solutions to experiment. 
  • Meet the coding style and standards requirements in python Pep 8, Flake 8 etc. 

Note: The job description is not intended to be an exhaustive list of duties to be performed by the employee and may be altered to reflect the business needs of the company.


  • Strong background in applied mathematics, machine learning and computer vision to solve real-world problems  
  • Have sound engineering foundations and ability to build production ready services (and not just prototypes)  
  • Ability to read and implement research is required. 
  • Knowledge and experience of working with third party and open source libraries
  • Be an out-of-the-box thinker who is passionate about brainstorming innovative ways to use our unique data to answer business problems. 
  • Have excellent understanding of Statistics and foundations of Deep Learning
  • Strong understanding in various areas of deep learning specially Computer Vision
  • Fluency in Python stack for data processing, visualization and modeling (Numpy, Pandas, OpenCV, Matplotlib/Seaborn) 
  • Fluency in at least one of the following deep learning frameworks Tensorflow/Pytorch/Keras
  • Knowledge and experience of various object detection models like Yolo, SSD, FRCNN, etc. 
  • Able to Develop metrics and dashboards to measure and track the value of the solutions
  • Understanding of Linux environment and deployment on cloud is required. 
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Understanding of Agile methodology and Scrum
  • Communicate complex concepts and the results of the analyses in a clear and effective manner to senior management

Educational Qualifications:  

  • Ideally a Master/PhD, but minimum bachelor’s degree in computer science, Engineering or similar disciplines with at least 2 years experience in the area of Computer Vision (Deep Learning/Machine Learning).  

Additional Specifications / Comments:

  • Competitive salary and benefits. 

How to Apply?

Applicants should send their CV to with subject line mentioning the job title “ AI (Computer Vision) Developer  or directly apply on career page of our website

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