There are countless companies proclaiming to deliver Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning Solutions but only a very few have proven use cases of their solutions being delivered and used. AuditXPRT with its world leading iXPRT Platform is a leader, having worked with companies, particularly in financial services sector to use Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing in the automation of hitherto largely manual auditing and compliance of client accounts and information against a plethora of national, regional and global financial regulations.  iXPRT harnesses the power of AI, Natural Language Processing and Machine Learning to automate compliance and audit assurance that hitherto required expensive subject matter experience and deep learning.  The AI disruption, however, will do much more than merely reduce the need for manpower.   It will rewrite the rules of business competition as well.  The biggest change is not that new “learning machines” will replace human workers.   It is that they can, and will, outperform them.

Using iXPRT every product, every service, how you run your company – can have a piece that learns, that thinks and adapts to the needs of your organisation and customers.  iXPRT uses unique AI and Machine Learning to develop solutions that help business to automate mundane and onerous tasks such as auditing and compliance, enabling businesses to reduce cost and become more innovative in the solutions they provide their customers. The two most important AI-related questions each business leader must answer are:   When will the AI disruption hit my sector?  And how, specifically, can I plan to leverage it when it does?