AuditXPRT Demo Day Presentation at Barclays Techstars Accelerator

Challenges in Regulatory Compliance and Audit

Global banks spending $270B a year to meet their regulatory compliance requirements
It can take months to manually complete compliance assurance processes.
High Risk
Manual compliance assurance relies on dip testing using less than 1% sample size.
Increasing Regulatory Burden
Frequent changes to compliance regulations require additional investment in time and resources.

Our Solution: iXPRT Platform

The iXPRT Platform uses cutting edge Artificial Intelligence technologies to produce a simple, intuitive and powerful automated Compliance & Audit tool. The result is:

  • Up to a 90% reduction in the cost of compliance assurance.
  • Up to 90% reduction in the time
  • An accuracy rating of 90% and above.
  • Processing of 100% data population – no dip testing/sampling required
  • Superior insights in decision making using advanced analytics.


The iXPRT Platform’s flexible and scalable design enables multiple applications in the area of regulatory compliance and audit.

Know Your  Customer

Save time, cost and reduce risk by automating your KYC processes for AML/CTF using our unique Artificial Intelligence solution

Automatic Compliance

Automate your compliance assurance process using AuditXPRT platform to save time, reduce cost and overcome risk by testing 100% of your customer population.


Reduce the time required to complete IFRS Audit Disclosure Checklist process from 5 hours to few minutes using our Artificial Intelligence (AI) solution.