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There are countless companies proclaiming to deliver AI and Machine Learning Solutions but only a very few have proven use cases of their solutions being delivered and used. AuditXPRT with its world leading iXPRT is one of those companies who have worked with companies, particularly in financial services to harness the power of AI, Natural Language Processing and Machine Learning to automate compliance and auditing assurance that hitherto required expensive subject matter experience and deep learning.

AuditXPRT’s unique iXPRT Platform enables unique solutions for:

Automating Financial Audit Process

iXPRT Platform offers AI based solution for automated auditing of financial disclosure reports against international financial standards such as IFRS, UK FRS and GAAP.

Automating Legal Contracts Review

iXPRT Platform automatically identifies relevant information from legal documents saving valuable time and cost for their customers.

Automating Regulatory Compliance

iXPRT Platform using AI technologies automate regulatory compliance checking resulting into huge savings in both cost and time for the financial institutions as well as other industry segments.

Let our clients convince you

Matt Higgins
Unicoin Ltd. represantative
The level of integration and the quality of user interface really has raised the bar for applications of this type.
Tasha Ingram
Long Term Client
If we had not used AuditXprt, we would be drowning in paperwork. We would literally have 10 people managing our documents and that's all they would do. AuditXprt has helped us reduce internal costs by allowing us to do tasks more efficiently.
Flora Wilson
Happy Client
I have really enjoyed working with you! Thank you for all of your help that you provided to us with our installation of our software
Robert Chambers
Senior Quality Manager
The ability to not have to have a whole staff of people manage a system saves us a lot of money. The ability to route documents in a timely fashion so we can process products sooner saves us a lot of time and money. Those things are priceless.
Unified Platform
AuditXprt ensures you have everything you need in one secure solution. It connects all your quality processes without extra effort from your IT team.
Audit Ready
AuditXprt gives you the confidence you need when an auditor knocks on your door and triggers all departments to do their part in your quality processes.
Efficient Compliance
AuditXprt enables companies to maintain regulatory compliance efficiently and affordably.
No Loose Ends
Our closed-loop methodology ensures that all required activities are completed quickly and that information is always up to date.
Business Accelerator
Frees up your company’s most precious resource, its people, to focus on the key drivers of your business such as innovation and speed to market.
Maintain Compliance
AuditXprt allow companies to eliminate paper-based quality processes and dramatically increase manufacturing efficiency whilst improving their ability to maintain compliance with regulatory standards.

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See for yourself how AuditXprt’s Artificial Intelligence identifies fraud patterns, spend anomalies, and non-compliant expenses in real-time.
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