Cognitive RPA

Robotic Process Automation using Artificial Intelligence Technologies.

Current Challenges with Traditional RPA Systems

While traditional RPA solutions are great at automating most of the mundane work, they have four fundamental limitations that seriously reduce the scope of their applications and achieved benefits as compared to Cognitive RPA

Extending Traditional RPA Systems with iXPRT Platform

AuditXPRT’ s Cognitive RPA Creating New Possibilities

iXPRT Demo for Automated Document Classification & Organisation

This is a quick demo to show how iXPRT Platform uses its unique Artificial Intelligence to automatically identify, classify and organise documents. Financial institutions receive 100’s of documents from their corporate clients as a part of new client on-boarding process and for ongoing KYC/AML checks.


There are countless companies proclaiming to deliver AI and Machine Learning Solutions but only a very few have proven use cases of their solutions being delivered and used. AuditXPRT with its world leading iXPRT is one of those companies who have worked with companies, particularly in financial services to harness the power of AI, Natural Language Processing and Machine Learning to automate compliance and auditing assurance that hitherto required expensive subject matter experience and deep learning.